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How to Stay Healthy When Your Kids are Sick

February 14, 2019 • Kids Health LLC • Illness
Sick child boy lying in bed with a fever, resting

When your child is sick, you’re extra-vulnerable to getting sick yourself. Stay healthy this flu season with these easy tips. Despite our best efforts, it’s hard to keep children from getting sick in the winter. Even if they’ve gotten flu shots and learned good hand-washing habits, they likely spend all day sharing toys, snacks, and playground equipment with lots of other children — it’s only to be expected that they sometimes return home with a cough, sneeze, or sniffle. If you’re playing nurse to your sick child, you don’t have to succumb to the winter bug too....

The Most Common Health Problems for Newborns and Infants

January 24, 2019 • Kids Health LLC • Illness
Female doctor examines infant with stethoscope

New parents should familiarize themselves with these common infant illnesses. It can be nerve-wracking to be a new parent, and understandably so. Many new parents have no idea what to expect during their child’s first year of life, but the illness is almost guaranteed to strike at some point, as infants are more vulnerable to infections or diseases than older children. Fortunately, many of the illnesses that new parents run into are common and easy to treat at home. However, infants are at risk of contracting some more serious conditions that do require a doctor’s attention....

The Hard Truth about Screen Time and Sleep for Kids

January 10, 2019 • Kids Health LLC • Sleep
Girl and boy with their smart phones

The number of sleep children and adolescents gets each night is continuing to decrease, and researchers believe screen time may be to blame. Sleep is incredibly important for cognitive and physical processes alike, especially for children and teens. However, research shows that school-aged children and adolescents are continuing to get fewer and fewer hours of sleep over time, even though sleep deficits negatively impact mood, learning outcomes, and overall health. While there are likely a number of factors contributing to young people’s growing sleep deficits, studies suggest that screens have a significant effect....

What Parents Should Know about Seasonal Allergies

December 18, 2018 • Kids Health LLC • Allergies
Girl having cold in the autumn

Fall can be stressful for parents of children with seasonal allergies, but the right precautions can help reduce your child’s symptoms. Changing leaves and pumpkin-flavored treats are exciting signs of a new season for many, but if you’re the parent of a child with seasonal allergies, fall is far less welcome. If this applies to you, you’re not alone — between 5.5 million and 6.1 million children experience hay fever every year. Seasonal allergies usually develop between the ages of four and six, and they’re caused by the body’s reaction to outdoo...

The Kids’ Health Flu Forecast for 2018-2019

December 6, 2018 • Kids Health LLC • General Health
Female doctor and latin descent girl patient in pediatrician's office or clinic getting vaccination.

This flu season, stay up to date on what changing regulations mean for your child’s vaccine options. It’s flu season again, and every parent knows what that means: time for flu vaccinations. With kids in school and out of your site all day, it’s hard to prevent them from coming into contact with germs. That’s why the flu vaccine is far and away from your best defense against the virus. Fortunately, the 2018-2019 season offers a plethora of flu vaccine options, many of them faster-acting and more convenient than ever...