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Why Your Child Should Get the Flu Shot in 2020

December 7, 2020 • Our Blog • General Health
It’s recommended that everyone get a flu vaccine this year. Here’s what parents need to know. With COVID-19 top of mind, it’s easy to forget that flu season is rapidly approaching, and even easier to put off getting your children vaccinated for this year’s flu strain. However, as the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, it’s more important than ever to make sure your kids get their annual flu shot. While the fall and winter always bring the threat of runny noses and scratchy throats, this year, there are two respiratory threats circulating: the flu and COVID-19. Because contracting one virus can make you more susceptible to developing another — and developing another in a severe form — warding off the flu can lessen COVID-19 risk, as well. As such, to protect ourselves and avoid overwhelming America’s healthcare infrastructure this fall and winter, it’s strongly advised that children and adults alike get the flu shot. If you’re wondering where and when to get a flu vaccine, we can help.

Will your child need multiple flu shots?

Whether or not your child will need multiple flu shots depends largely on their age and whether they’ve gotten a flu shot before. It’s recommended that children receive their first flu shot when they’re six months old and a second flu shot four weeks later. After this, they should only need one flu shot per year. However, children under the age of nine who have never gotten a flu vaccine before or who have only gotten one before should also get two flu shots four weeks apart when they’re first vaccinated. Children over the age of nine and children who have received more than one flu shot before will only need one flu shot this year, though it will take two weeks after the vaccine is administered for those children to be fully protected. If you’re not sure of your child’s vaccination history, consult with your pediatrician to decide the correct number of doses.

When should your child get the flu vaccine?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children receive all necessary flu vaccine doses as early as possible this year. Fortunately, if your family has procrastinated on getting vaccinated, you’re unlikely to run up against any shortages: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that vaccine manufacturers will supply nearly 200 million flu shot doses this year, 20 million more than last flu season. That said, if you’re among this year’s vaccine procrastinators, you should be sure to remedy that as soon as possible: as the school year gets busier and the holidays approach, you’re unlikely to find the time later on.

Is it safe to get a flu vaccine this year?

While visiting a doctor’s office may be low on your list of preferred activities this year, rest assured that it’s safe to get your child vaccinated at Kids’ Health. While you can also get a flu vaccine at many drugstores or at a hospital, Kids’ Health is adhering to the highest standards of COVID-19 safety. What’s more, by getting the flu vaccine from your child’s pediatrician, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss developmental milestones or any other health concerns that may have emerged in the last year. To make an appointment, contact us today....